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Vyshyvanka dresses - ukrainian dress traditional

Vyshyvanka is a Ukrainian folk dress and a true ancestral legacy among a broad variety of clothing represented nowadays in Ukraine. It is considered to be a sample of beauty and national self-expression in the country.

The history of vyshyvanka

The history of Ukrainian embroidered dress has begun a long time ago in the 6th century according to archeologist discoveries. Scythians who lived at those times were wearing Ukrainian vyshyvanka dresses. Metallic, gold and bronze small dancing figurines clad in embroidery dress were found on the territory of modern Ukraine. Initially, embroidery designs on a dress were meant as a protective charm and a talisman against the evil eye. Also, warriors believed that vyshyvanka style dress helped them in all the battles and guaranteed victory against anyone.

Famous Scythian stone females are adorned with elements of embroidery dress designs which can be considered as the first Ukrainian national dress. Later, every warrior known as Cossack has worn a vyshyvanka dress made of linen that was believed to protect him in fights, warmed his soul on foreign lands, and healed his wounds. Cossacks in Ukraine considered that figures on white and blue embroidered traditional dress have mighty power that unites them with dear land, inspire them to victory and defend against the evil eye. According to time-honored traditions masters creating embroidered clothing convey skills, peculiarities, and mysteries of their craft from generation to generation.

Vyshyvanka nowadays

Vyshyvanka today has become a vintage dress since its story had begun a long time ago and continued to prove it as a national dress in Ukraine. Different types of ornament have been applied to clothing depending on an event of someone’s life. There is an obligatory exercise for a pregnant girl to stitch the embroidery as a protective charm on a silk clothing for her future child. Also, vyshyvanka as a shirt dress with a flower design embroidery (embroidered rose, as a rule) is gifted by a future bride to her groom for the purpose of strengthening their marriage. Vyshyvanka as a wedding dress is widespread all over Ukraine as well.

Particular qualities of vyshyvankas

There are various types of Ukrainian embroidered dresses.

  • The traditional one is a shirt embroidered on grey or white linen with black, red, or blue thread. This kind of shirt perfectly matches flax trousers.
  • A patriotic shirt embroidered with white and red stitches on white or grey linen is a classic of Ukrainian culture.
  • An elegant vyshyvanka is made of black linen and bright embroidery. The threads used with it are red, gold, and silver colors.
  • A contemporary option is a blue embroidered dress for girls with a fashionable style. Such shirts can be combined with jeans or bright petticoats. This kind of cloth is for everyday usage.
  • The summer option can be a sleeveless vyshyvanka dress embroidered with white patterns.
  • A neutral one is a shirt with a neutral tone, which matches any clothing. Usually, it is a white fabric with white stitches or a red textile with a red needlecraft.
  • Luxury vyshyvanka is a dress made of linen with sophisticated ornament. The color of such clothing is deep and motley.

As compared to man clothing, where a collar and a chest are adorned, vyshyvanka dress for a girl is festooned at sleeves and at a lower hem, and not very often at its collar.

Meanings of different ornaments on vyshyvankas

Boho style has also different techniques of stitching any dress no matter if it is white or any other color. Hemstitch is a pure female style of needlework. In general, the most popular techniques of a fancy work are beads stitch, cross-stitch, and drawn-thread work.

All figures depicted on apparel are divided into three main groups: geometric, floral, and animal patterns. In accordance with Slavic mythology every vyshyvanka, and specially embroidered shirt dresses, is believed to reflect an abundance and beauty of natural surroundings, the unity of sun and water energies. Many devotees cherish it more than gold. Lozenges, squares, circles, and the rest of the geometric patterns are the most widespread among the other ornaments. It is considered that clothing with geometric patterns is for men, floral figures are for women, and for children there is a special ornament that looks like an eight-pointed star. All lay figures symbolize some certain meaning, that is for instance some dresses can be fully embroidered with marvelous snowball trees that symbolize an immortal family of the wearer. The color of threads for a fancy work is also an important feature when choosing a certain image that should be depicted on an item. For example, a green color represents the symbol of birth and growth, a yellow color stands for abundance and wealth and a red color is meant for luck and protection of its owner. Now and then you may see many girls who got themselves up with embroidered dresses designed with a bright flower, a lot of them wear them even every day.

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