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Scarves in the Ukrainian style - traditions and style Previously, every Ukrainian woman wore a headscarf, considering it an important part of their everyday attire. This accessory has long been endowed with magical powers and had traditional colors, patterns and patterns. It is thanks to the exquisite design that the national Ukrainian scarf has become a popular trend among modern women. Now it can be seen in combination with various stylish things, where it successfully complements and seems to complete the image. How to choose a Ukrainian scarf? The choice of scarf should be approached responsibly, paying attention to the following criteria Size 120x120,

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Vyshyvanka, in particular regarding a Ukrainian scarf, is a colorful habit of Ukrainian culture. Embroidered clothing has lived through numerous ups and downs throughout its history. Our ancestors founded, preserved and developed traditions of needlecraft — color grades and shades of meaning. Embroidery is alluded in manuscripts age-dated from the 10th century. There we can read a description about Arab merchants who met with Slavic people who were wearing embroidered shirts and scarfs. Talking about the modern territory of Ukraine we can’t avoid mentioning the archaeological evidence from the Cherkasy region. In the 4th century, there was found a costume, a scarf, and a kerchief with patterns on them. Many scientists claim that patterns on dresses are equivalent to those ornaments, which were found on crockery, furniture, and other items of the Middle Ages. For as long as anyone can remember only women were involved in stitching and adorning all clothing. They kept their secrets and conveyed them from generation to generation.

Distinctive features of ornaments on Ukrainian scarves

In whole characteristic peculiarities of embroidered scarfs in Ukraine are floral patterns — flowers, leaves, and other plants; geometric figures — circles, squares, lozenges, triangles, etc.; zoomorphic ornaments depicting animals and birds. Mostly mysterious and symbolic meanings of this needlecraft on any Ukrainian scarf and kerchief designated forces of nature and especially the force of the Sun and Water. These particular forces were worshiped by our ancestors more than others and they were considered to be magic talismans:

  • the Sun on embroidery has the shape of an octagram or swastika;
  • water was indicated with undulating lines or infinity signs.

So, when you buy any Ukrainian scarf in Narodnyi Dim Ukraine, you may take it all into consideration.

Many patterns were created to reflect the beauty of Nature. Floral ornaments appeared in the form of a periwinkle, a snowball tree, grapes, a hop, oak tree leaves, etc. It is widely thought that a snowball tree is one of the main symbols of Ukrainian people and most likely in ancient times it stood for a fiery trinity: the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. Grapes were another symbol for a protective amulet and it was meant for preserving a family and fertility.

The chance to feel the mystery

All guests of Narodnyi Dim Ukraine have a great opportunity to feel an ancient aura of Ukraine represented in goods, which are sold in our store. The vast number of different articles wait for their connoisseurs who know the true value of ancestral legacy. Once you are in Kiev you may come to our store or visit our website to buy embroidered garments, for example, a shirt, scarf, shawl or other interesting things. Catch the Spirit!

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