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Ukrainian national stitchery on a tablecloth has a long history. This fact was confirmed by numerous archeological evidence found on the territory of Ukraine. In memoirs of travelers who visited the country several centuries ago as well as in old chroniclers these artifacts were also mentioned. From the earliest times, Ukrainian women created different ornaments and patterns on linen for tablecloths using certain techniques of needlecraft. This knowledge was conveyed to the next generations within a family making peculiar features of fancywork. So, if you want to order or buy a Ukrainian linen tablecloth or any other embroidery in our Kiev store or online, you need to remember that initially it was an invention of some woman from an ordinary family making it truly unique.

For the last several thousand years various cultures appeared and vanished on the territory of Ukraine. These cultures had their own symbols that were depicted on ceremonial and ready-made artifacts including a tablecloth. For centuries the initial meanings of ancient symbols were forgotten but according to traditions, masters continued to use those patterns for traceries creation.

Peculiar features of different lay figures on a tablecloth

During a long period of Ukrainian history, folk masters invented about one hundred embroidery techniques. Those true followers who distinguish them from only one glimpse can immediately tell what region of the country uses this or that needlework.

  • Chernigov region uses embroidery performed with very tiny stitches that look like beads. Geometric and floral ornaments are preferred. A scale of colors comprises white threads sometimes added with red and black threads.

  • Poltava region is relevant with white ornaments though sometimes grey and even red traceries are noticed.

  • Kharkov region is famous for its motley techniques of stitching.

  • The north part of the country is distinct in simplicity and clarity of all compositions. Lozenges are the most frequent patterns on tablecloths.

  • The South part of Ukraine is famous for multicolored floral fancywork and also many techniques from the central part of the country are mixed together.

Feel the true spirit of the ancient embroidery

Narodnyi Dim Ukraine is the spot where you may get into the world of real needlecraft. You can buy here hundreds of authentic and genuine articles, including embroidered Ukrainian tablecloth. Join us and this will be something to remember when you think about Ukraine.

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