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Vyshyvanka for men

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Ukrainian traditional clothing called vyshyvanka is a men national costume, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. As we know the elements of such broidery were found on the clothing of ancient Scythians. Ethnic style of apparel develops exponentially — men clad in luxurious embroidered shirts flaunt on stages and catwalks turning fashion shows into ethnic shows. Men Ukrainian shirts are an integral feature of every conscientious man. Now nobody waits for a certain event to purchase a men shirt vyshyvanka to show his attitude to ancient folk traditions, people prefer to buy it for everyday wear. Famous writer Ivan Franko depicted on 20 UAH banknote is dressed in a casual but extremely fashionable two-piece outfit: the sole-colored suit jacket and the men embroidered shirt.

How to wear vyshyvanka nowadays

In a contemporary interpretation of the men national costumes, we may notice some freedom that combines them with modern clothing such as jeans, shorts, windbreakers, waistcoats, and slacks. And it stands to reason that Ukrainian embroidered shirt vyshyvanka for men is matched with any footwear since such type of clothing does not only create a stylish and off-beat image but also demonstrates a free spirit, liberty, and patriotism. It is popular to wear any type of vyshyvanka for men in every season including winter as well. This type of clothing is popular not just in Ukraine, you may see such shirts with patterns on Germans, Americans, and other representatives of foreign countries. National ornaments have gone far further and these days you may notice them not only on ethnic apparel but on automobiles, planes, modern gadgets, bags, and other add-ons.

Types of embroidered shirts, what you should know before purchasing

First, you must remember that men shirts with a needlecraft are divided into two groups:

  • mechanical embroidery;
  • those, which are entirely handmade.

All mechanical needlework is very similar to handmade, therefore please be attentive when choosing. The creation of patterns with hands requires much more time from a master and that’s why it is more expensive than the one that was made automatically. Also, there is a difference between vyshyvankas where lay figures are stitched on a textile and those with insets printed on them. Fine needlework on a fabric demands from a master more efforts and concentration because a pattern must be even and without knots from both the front and seamy sides of a garment. Such embroidery looks more elegant and exquisite. The shirts with fancywork with printed insets are more practical and cheaper.

There are different types of textile used for the creation of embroidered clothing. During ancient times two fabrics were used — homespun flax and hemp linen. Today we have a wide choice of textile for stitching a garment with patterns. You may see embroidery made of flax, cotton, silk, various kinds of artificial fabric, and a combination of natural and artificial materials. Prices for such goods are also different. Items made of natural materials are more expensive than those, which are made of completely artificial textiles and require a more solicitous attitude and special care. Natural materials are more pleasant and customary for a body, they are breathable and absorb moisture. Such textiles have antiallergic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. Artificial yarn does not require such a careful attitude but it is not always pleasant for your body. Synthetic fabric is the cheapest among the other types of textile.

The very same spot, where you may buy any item in relation to embroidery

Narodnyi Dim Ukraine introduces a great choice of embroidery for any taste starting from low cost to exclusively expensive samples. We value your time, we try to understand our customers, so we offer you articles that are the most appropriate to your demands. We will help you to make the right choice among embroidered shirts for men, women, and children. The main point is that you will receive a really qualitative product for a reasonable price. For your convenience, there are several means of payment and delivery of the goods.

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